The #1 Crucial Element to Organizing a Successful Career Fair

Make sure the career fair platform you choose focuses specifically on networking, as that is the key to your event’s success.

The #1 Crucial Element to Organizing a Successful Career Fair

The core of any career fair is networking. Universities want to build their network with top organizations, and companies want to fill their talent gap now and in the future.

To make the networking part of your career fair successful, you want the best matches between job seeker and recruiter to be made during your event. After your event, you want to be able to measure the amount and quality of interviews that took place and promote your event’s reputation for the future.

How? With b2match, an all-in-one event management solution that specializes in networking for physical, hybrid and virtual career fairs.

Keyword-centric Profiles
Detailed and Searchable Job Boards
Booths and Hosted Sessions
Smart Search Function for Optimized and Efficient Meetings
Personalized Event Agenda
Post Success Measured
Career Fair Examples  


Career Fair Technology Specialized in 1:1 Networking

An all-in-one event management software allows you to organize your entire job fair in one place, making the planning process as seamless as possible.

Okay great, that’s pretty standard.

But. To make the networking during your career fair effective, you need to offer job seekers and recruiters technology that specializes in networking. Why? It matches your attendees according to skills, offers, and goals to help them find the golden needle in the haystack of career fairs and recruiting.

So what does that look like? Here it is, step-by-step.


1. Career fair registration

A customizable registration process allows you to configure the registration by participant type. The ability to group participants by a specific type gives the organizer the power to perform certain actions and apply certain rules. For example booking rules, visibility rules, registration rules. 

This allows participants to find suitable partners by giving them an effective way to filter by participant type within the career fair event platform.

When you set participant types, this will be the first thing that attendees will have to select during the registration process after entering their email and password.

Career fair event platform allows organizers to customize registration process.
Image: Organizers configure registration by participant type.

The next important registration step to creating a job fair with targeted networking is having participants answer customized registration questions created by the event organizer.

The answers to these questions can then be filtered by attendees when searching for their ideal match. This makes for extremely efficient interview matchmaking.

02 Custom Question smaller
Image: Customized registration questions allows attendees to filter and search for ideal matches.



2. Keyword-centric career fair profiles

Once your participants have gone through the easy and fast registration process, it’s time for them to create profiles. Attendees can add photos, videos, portfolios and files, like their curriculum vitae (CV) to display their talent. The customized registration question answers are searchable in the profiles by other participants.

Searchable career fair job seeker profiles.
Image: Job seeker profiles presented according to specific search criteria.


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3. Detailed and searchable career fair job board

Recruiters create job board entries where they list detailed offers and requests. They support it with photos, videos and files attached. The sky's the limit here. It’s a great time for recruiters to get creative and show what they have to offer.

Career fair job board entries are easy to find with customized filters.
Image: Pre-set filters present the job board entries that fit the job seeker.


4. Career fair booths and hosted sessions

To optimize your recruiters experience at your job fair, offer them different ways to promote themselves. As stated earlier, the recruiter creates detailed job board entries during the registration process. They also create career fair booths within the platform.

Now, add one more very important promotional push for your recruiters. A hosted session.

Hosted sessions are brilliant for both the event organizers and recruiters. A hosted session is where recruiters have the opportunity to elaborate on their opportunities.

Organizers incorporate it into the career fair agenda.

The biggest advantages of hosted sessions are:

  • They are excellent ad space and make the recruiter stand out from the crowd.
  • The recruiter can see who signed up for their hosted session.
  • After the event, the organizer can gather data of who actually attended which hosted session and send contact details to the recruiter.

This kind of extra service is great for event organizers because it can be either a value add to attend your event, or it can be a potential source of revenue for the event organizer.

09 Companies Hosted Sessions Bartoletti
Image: Hosted sessions being shown in the company profile.

08 Agenda Bartoletti
Image: Hosted sessions with branding are visible in the agenda.


5. Smart search function for optimized and efficient interviews

Now, with the help of a customizable registration process, in-depth job seeker profiles, and detailed recruiter job board entries, a smart search functionality is set up to populate your event attendees best matches.

Before your career fair even begins:

  • Job seekers and recruiters log into the career fair event platform.
  • They use the smart search function and keywords to find their best matches.
  • Meeting and interview invitations are sent out.
  • Event participants review the profile and/or job board entry before accepting the interview requests.

This facilitates goal-oriented networking.

Career fair platform with optimized filters present top matches for attendees.
Image: Within a few easy clicks, attendees are presented with a list of optimized matches.

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6. Personalized career fair event agenda

Job fairs are busy days for attendees. Therefore a generated personalized agenda is ideal for your participants. It tracks the keynotes, webinars, hosted sessions, meetings and interviews they sign up for. It helps them track where they need to be and when.

Career fair personalized agenda filled with ideal interview matches.
Image: Personalized agenda with comprehensive overview of  scheduled meetings. 


7. Post career fair success measured

No matter if you host a physical, hybrid or virtual career fair, it’s vital to gather data and analyse the success of your event.

  • Know how many people actually attended your event.
  • See how many interviews took place.
  • Review the success of the interviews. Gather participant ratings ranging from lack of interest between the two parties, all the way to next steps of the interview process was agreed upon.

Use this data to advertise your next job fair and create fantastic marketing campaigns with real numbers to support it.

Career fair platform with exportable data for measurable success.
Image: Easily export event data to measure and report success. 



Career Fair Examples

Mentioning physical, hybrid and virtual job fair features is good, but being able to see that they have helped other event organizers is better. Take a look at some successful career fair examples to get inspired.

JOBfair 2020 Online


The JOBfair 20201, hosted by Sant' Anna School of Advanced Studies - Pisa is an annual career fair with the aim of creating a link between the academic world and the job market. 

Virtual Austrian IT Career Day

Copy of Virtual Austrian IT Career Day
The Virtual Austrian IT Career Day, hosted by the Austrian Economic Chambers (WKO), used b2b matchmaking to connect Austrian companies with Croatian IT talent. Austrian companies presented themselves and got in touch with potential employees. Job seekers reached out to firms that looked interesting.


Firmenmesse 2020

Copy of Firmenmesse

The Firmenmesse 2020, hosted by the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna, had 746 participants and 675 one-to-one meetings arranged. It was so successful that the 2021 event is currently being planned.

Find out how b2match, an all-in-one event management platform that specializes in networking, can help with your next career fair. 

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