Learn How These Hybrid Events Used B2B Matchmaking and Get Big Results

Real examples of hybrid events that used b2b matchmaking to get high participant and meeting numbers.

Learn How These Hybrid Events Used B2B Matchmaking and Get Big Results

The event industry is changing so fast that it can make any event organizer’s head spin. Hybrid events are the new buzzword of late. But what does it really mean, what are the real benefits, and how can you actually implement a hybrid event?

What Hybrid Events Really Are

Hybrid events are a merging of physical and virtual events into one. There are onsite participants traveling and attending your event. There are virtual event participants who are at home or in their office taking part.

To bring the two participant groups together, each has access to an event management platform. Both groups can watch all the sessions, actively participate, and most importantly, network with each other.

How to Make a Hybrid Event Work for You

Merging physical and virtual events sounds like a lot more work than just doing one or the other, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

The right event management platform will offer the following features to maximize your event experience for onsite and online participants.

Live stage

A live stage feature is crucial for your hybrid event. It is a session where organizers use livestreaming to deliver live content through the internet in real time. It allows for virtual audience engagement with Q&A, chat, and polls, which organizers moderate. This is one of the keys to increase hybrid event engagement for your offsite participants. 

Networking or More Specific Business Matchmaking

Yes hybrid event networking is possible. It can be incredibly efficient when done well. The big question of course is, how to bring onsite and offsite participants together. Easy. With business matchmaking. It is what allows participants to find each other to set up networking opportunities during a hybrid event. 

Exhibitor and Lead Retrieval

Your exhibitors need support just as much as your participants to have a successful hybrid event with you. Virtual booths, hosted sessions where they can elaborate on their products and services, and lead retrieval are the tools they need to have a great event. 

Real Examples of Hybrid Events

Mentioning hybrid event features is good, but being able to see that they have helped other event organizers is better. Take a look at hybrid events that have been facilitated with b2match.

6th Istanbul Fellowship Program  

Istanbul Publishing

Bringing together foreign publishers in İstanbul to conduct copyright and translation negotiations, organized in a hybrid form. Open to the world of book agents, publishers and authors.

  • 500 attendees from around the world
  • 1,200 meetings scheduled to discuss copyright and translation negotiations
  • Virtual marketplace showcased books for easy searching

Digital Enterprise Show 2021EEN Digital Enterprise Show

madrimasd, a foundation supporting the community of Madrid in science, tech, and innovation.

  • 300 participants attended
  • 36 countries were represented
  • 240 hybrid matchmaking meetings arranged

Integrated System Europe & MWC/4YFN Open Innovation Challenge 2021Integrated systems europe
This is a b2b international meeting event between all agents of the innovation ecosystem: corporations, investors and solution/technology providers.

  • 480 participants attended
  • 41 countries were represented
  • 390 hybrid matchmaking meetings arranged

Startup Days 2021

Startup days

It is the lighthouse event for startups of all stages from Switzerland. It brings together tech startups, investors, corporations and politicians to promote and support the startup ecosystem in the country. 

  • 700 participants attended
  • 182 networking meetings were arranged
  • Over 30 participative sessions in a modular system

Hybrid events can really be a big success for your event goals. b2match, an all-in-one event management platform, is the tool you need to have your next successful hybrid business matchmaking event. 

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