The Key to Effective b2b Matchmaking Events

Participants want to easily find their best business matchmaking partnerships at your event. Here’s how to deliver it to them.

The Key to Effective b2b Matchmaking Events

When surveyed, 91% of event organizers measure the success of their events on attendee satisfaction. (EventMB)

Now imagine creating the following scenario in your next event to exponentially increase your attendee’s satisfaction.

Your attendee registers for your event. Fills out information about what their event goals are. Event goals can be looking for, or offering:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Partnerships
  • Project coordination
  • Investment opportunities
  • Expertise
  • Request
  • Job Position

Then, while leisurely sitting in front of their computer, the attendee uses a smart search function to browse through a catalogue of highly targeted networking opportunities. The catalogue offers detailed descriptions of products and services that are being looked for or are on offer with photos, videos, and files created by other participants. When finding an interesting request or offer from another participant, your attendee merely clicks a button to request a 1-to-1 meeting to discuss things further.

Upon receiving an invitation to meet based on their own marketplace entries, attendees can go back to the catalogue to see if a requested meeting is a suitable match. They can then intelligently accept or decline a meeting.

The finalized 1-to-1 meetings are then organized into a personal agenda. A meeting management system makes sure an attendee doesn’t double book meetings. It also factors in different time zones.

This is a great way to offer targeted networking opportunities for your attendees. Efficient event networking helps your participants reach the goals they have when attending your event. This increases attendee satisfaction.

The above description is the b2match all-in-one event management marketplace feature. A tool within our event management software that is specifically designed to make business matchmaking easy for your participants.

The tool is so effective that while facilitating hundreds of events, we have seen that 70% of 1-to-1 meeting requests are initiated by marketplace views. Not by personal or company profiles.

Event participants want to see in detail what is being requested. What is being offered. They scroll through the marketplace with the use of a search function. They take the time they need to read brochures, watch videos, see images. After making careful and informed decisions, they reach out and initiate meetings. Valuable contacts aren’t getting lost in the shuffle. They are organized, easy to find, and accessible. All in one spot.

So how does the marketplace feature actually work? Continue below to see for yourself.

b2b Matchmaking Marketplace for Event Organizer

The event organizer can pick from marketplace items such as product, service, partnership, project cooperation, investment opportunity, expertise, request, job position.

dit categories

Under these categories the event organizer can then use any description or classifiers to suit the event’s purpose. The best strategy is to really think about common keywords to make search easier.position edit

In an ideal world, participants would choose the correct categories and fill out their marketplace entries perfectly. We know we don’t live in a perfect world. Therefore the marketplace allows event organizers to edit attendee entries. This is to ensure that the search features are their most efficient. 

edit profile 3


b2b Matchmaking Marketplace for Attendees

The marketplace has been created with intuitiveness in mind. Attendees sign up for your event, fill out a profile, and can quickly start filling out their marketplace entries. They can add descriptions, images, files, video, links. Attendees can create as many marketplace entries as they want.

marketplace screenshot

Attendees can also search for marketplace entries quickly and easily to find their best business match.

marketplace search

Once the attendee is satisfied with the meeting opportunities set up, it is all organized into a personalized agenda that they can view. 


The b2match marketplace was designed to increase the efficiency of business matchmaking events. Event attendees are busy with their daily work lives. They don't have the time or inclination to spend hours scrolling through participant profiles with little information. They want a smart search function, detailed descriptions, and the chance to make intelligent choices before requesting or accepting meetings. With over 13 years of event management experience, we understand that and deliver on it. 

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