How a Beast of An Event Program Got Tamed

European Research and Innovation Days 2019 organizers needed a solution to place 112 sessions and workshops with very particular formats into one agenda.

How a Beast of An Event Program Got Tamed


Key Features

  • Modular Agenda
  • Mobile Event App

Key Facts


All About Co-Creation

Aim of the European Research and Innovation Days was to deal with the key challenge for Europe in delivering the next great transition of the economy, society, and planet to secure a sustainable future that ensures the wellbeing of citizens.

The event was central in finding research and innovation solutions for this great transition by working across policies, setting the direction, spurring innovation and triggering investments. It was the moment for all stakeholders to meet and co-create the strategic priorities for the European Commission’s investment in research and innovation.

One Extensive Event Program - One Modular Agenda

First of all, the organizers were looking for a solution that would allow them to represent their extensive event program of around 112 sessions and workshops with particular formats, taking place over several days, into one single agenda.

The agenda was to make it easy for participants to browse through the event program and filter by days, conferences, topics, and session types. They had to be able to simply select and choose which sessions they wanted to attend, thereby configuring their own, personalized event agenda.

This big event was not your typical business matchmaking happening, with the goal of meeting 1 on 1. It had a different and more complex approach, as it was about bringing together entire stakeholder groups and establishing frameworks where those groups could engage in the co-creation of policies.

This different approach could be seen in the special requirements the organizer had for one of the main elements, (Policy Conference), which hosted 90 sessions with a great share of co-design sessions. Those sessions had a particular purpose to bring together an exclusive group of stakeholders to discuss and co-create the strategic directions for distinct policies. The event organizer wanted to be in full control over who was permitted access to those sessions, ensuring just experts were brought together.

Moreover, special requirements were needed for the Horizon-Village. The village included an information center and consisted of 21 “homes”, which were open meeting spaces, each dedicated to a specific policy topic of Horizon Europe. Each home was inhabited by European commission policy experts and provided participants the opportunity to meet with them, ask questions, and discuss ideas.

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The Horizon-Village with its 21 homes and the possibility to book time slots with staff in the respective home had to be implemented into the agenda.

The mobile app also played a key role for this big event. Both the event and the personalized agenda had to be accessible, to ensure participants had an overview of what is going on all the time and to make orientation on-site easier. Furthermore, it had to be used as a communication channel with the participants and stimulate the events overall interactivity.

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The Solution

The b2match modular event agenda made it possible to represent the extensive event program in just one place. Since filtering by day, by different parts of the big event, and their individual program (topics), was possible, everything came together in a structured and neat way.

The final event agenda made it easy for participants to browse through the program. Another requirement by the organizer was to allow participants a simple and easy configuration of personalized agendas, by simply selecting sessions in the overall event agenda.

This was a challenge due to the different formats of sessions, with special requirements. It became manageable with the highly customizable configuration options for agenda sessions that b2match offers.

For the co-design sessions, the b2match system allowed to implement an obligatory pre-registration. Thus, the participant had to register for each CD-session on selection, which triggered a request for permission. This request could be approved first by the organizer, giving them full control over who gets granted access to which session, before it actually was added to the participants’ individual agenda.

The Horizon-Village with its layout added further requirements to the agenda, namely that participants, by selecting one session, had to be able to book time slots in order to meet with the staff of the Horizon-Village homes. By representing each home of the village as round-table sessions within the agenda and adding an appointment booking system for sessions, b2match allowed participants to select vacant time-slots and state the topic they wanted to talk about. Afterward, the request was submitted to the respective homes’ staff, in order to allocate the best-suited conversation partner for the individual participants’ special request.

screenshot of b2match b2b matchmaking agenda
Appointment Booking System in the Agenda

The powerful configuration options fulfilled the requirements and enabled a smooth and straightforward experience for participants, configuring their individual event agenda by simply selecting the sessions they wanted to attend and let the system do the rest for them.

The mobile app, giving effortless access to the personalized agenda, helped participants keep an easy overview of their attendance, navigate on-site, and manage last-minute changes. Customized and automated push-notifications ensured the organizers could stay in touch with every group of participants.

Additionally, an integration with added interactivity to the event and into the pockets of participants, allowing them to ask questions during speaker sessions or cast their vote in live polls.

The live-streaming offered for all of the sessions was also accessible from the mobile app.

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The Outcome

3,720 event participants enjoyed a compelling event experience, thanks to the close collaboration between the event organizer and b2match.

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